A downloadable creepyface 2 for Windows and macOS

Explore A Big Maze Of Turns Of Corridors While Also Avoiding All 15 Keys! Don't Collect Them The̷̙͔̳̘͆͗̀́͑̋y̸̠̓ ̸͍͚͆͠D̵̦̤́ọ̵̖̼̯̊̉͑͒̓̚ ̷̥͙͇́̈́N̸̫̻̠͔̎̄͜ö̶͉̟t̶̺͈̠͇̖̆̎̽͝h̷̦̼͔͖̀̈̌̕i̵͔̟͕͔̅́n̴̟̦͎̻̥̏g̸̨̝̻̜̩̒̽͆͊ So Don't Get Them Please, It Is Really Fun And You Will Love The Fun That Comes Packed In The Sequel Of creepyfaces Maze Of Dreams And Fun!

Have Fun!

The Sequel Is Very Much Better Than The Original!

Lots Of Updates!

The Game Gets Updated Too Frequently Making Baldi's Basics Creator Look Like He Is Lazy (He Is Actually Not, Its Just That Updates Are Bigger Like 1.3 remade the whole entire input system to fix mouse issues!)


creepyface 2.zip 52 MB
creepyface 2.1.zip 52 MB
creepyface-2.2.zip 54 MB
creepyface-2.3.1.zip 54 MB
cface2.4.zip 55 MB
cface25.zip 52 MB

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This one is a lot better than the original, it features a lot of more gameplay, secrets and more in general, even the gnome meme, and sprite cranberry aged well as you can see. The variety of characters is pretty nice.

Also, the order you take keys in is very important to the game, if you take them in the wrong order, the whole game will mess up. Classic.


He will ask you some questions and if you get them wrong he will spawn creepyface near you

Here 3 characters


If he catches You.the camera start to move crazily.to escape you need to press space really fast!

2.Police man

If he see you. he will shoot.and you cant see for 20 seconds!

ok modern version is 2019/2015'ish its just a texture update i bet in modern mode there should IPEARS(IPhone Parody) and a FLATSCREEN TV 

I guess